Sno- Cone Machine Ornament – Pink


Made in Poland. Very Special Price. Shipping Included.

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A gorgeous glass ornament made in Poland where they know how to do these things beautifully, it holds all the elements of a clear snowy winter. It measures 4″ high x 2″ square. The ice cream stand has a shiny glaze, and the loose “snow” inside the glass window shakes to reflect all the lights of the season.

It’s so beautiful, and of course, in accordance with what we paid wholesale, expected to sell it for the proper price of $28. But we always check internet prices before we list, and for no reason at all, the MOMA website is listing this beauty for $15 on “sale”. Well, we love you and would never want you to pay more here for anything. That is the only reason this gorgeous objet d’art is priced so low. We won’t even break even with shipping…

Sno-Cone Machine – Pink. Very Special Price $15. Includes Shipping.