Limited Edition Photograph: “Paw in Hand”


Signed and Numbered, #2 of Only Five in the World. Special Price to Tails of Joy. Shipping Included.

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This magnificent photograph shows the enduring bond, trust, and love between people and dogs. It was taken by award winning pet photographer Richie Schwartz. It is signed and numbered, and is #2 of only 5 copies of this gorgeous piece of art. Printed on highest quality archival artist’s canvas and mounted on a wooden frame, it is ready to hang, and become a family heirloom.

16″ x 20″. Shipping included in price. Comes with a hand written thank you letter from Tails of Joy, written and signed by comedian Elayne Boosler.


Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

With 30 years of photography experience behind him, this former Veterinary Technician and Dog Trainer is known as the “dog whisperer” of pet photographers. Having worked in the animal care business before becoming a photographer gives him an edge in working with animals that other pet photographers are hard pressed to match. Schwartz has a special bond with animals and it has been said that he seems to hypnotize animals into posing for him.

One of the country’s most successful Pet Photography Specialists, he founded and owns PETS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, one of the largest pet only photography companies in the USA, and is the exclusive photographer for a Major Pet Supply Store Chain in the Tri State region.

At Pets Photography Studio, he has assembled some of the most talented Pet Photographers in the country. Amongst our photographers are former Veterinary Technicians, Dog Trainers, and Show Dog Handlers with many years of both pet photography and animal handling experience.

Richie is a regular speaker and educator at area photography clubs, pet expos and other events, where he offers pet photography seminars and workshops. In addition he regularly volunteers his time and services to raise funds and awareness for animal rescue shelters and pet welfare organizations.