A Good Dog Oil Painting


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My longtime friend Maureen Murphy was a wonderful, successful comedian. I never realized she was a consummate painter until her death a year ago. She spent over a decade making a film entitled “My Mother the Pope.” It is currently playing film festivals, and Fellini would be proud. What’s incredible is that it’s mostly in Italian, does star her mother, and all the classic paintings by famous artists you know and love are featured in the film, all copied by Maureen (!) I went to a screening in North Hollywood, and there was also an installation of many of her paintings. I know how much Maureen loved dogs, she was never without, and it turns out she painted quite a variety of them. I immediately fell in love with her oil paintings of dogs. I have kept four for myself, and bought these so other dog lovers could enjoy the visceral, soulful, art Maureen made. These are beautiful oils, wild and untamed; you can see the work, the strokes, they are not perfect, they have gaps; she perfectly expressed what a “rescue” dog is in the language of her work. I couldn’t love it more.

A Good Dog. Stretched canvas on wood. Oils. Approx 27″ high x 22″ wide.