Fall 2019 – All the Great Rescue Stories YOU Made Possible

Happy Autumn Everyone!

The holidays are just around the corner, starting with our favorite, Halloween. Remember, keep candy safely away from your pets. Happy Autumn everybody! Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us save lives every day.


We are proud to announce that Tails of Joy has been awarded Top Rated Non-Profit Status.

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society


Little Jasmine needed medical help for her eye, and donations had dried up. Her caregivers heard about us, and before she knew it, she got all the help she needed. Yay Jasmine!

K9 Global Rescue


Phil n Kelly‘s K9 GLOBAL RESCUE is “a dedicated group of former combat veterans working with volunteers and in cooperation with rescue organizations, disaster relief, and government agencies worldwide for the humanity of dogs and all animals”.

We were happy to donate again, this time to help bring 48 dogs saved from a dog meat farm they raided in Korea. All donations will go for their care and preparing them for their flights to the United States.



It’s so true, we never give up. Tails of Joy has sponsored beautiful Cane Corso Luna for over a year and a half. We have provided eye surgery, boarding, training, all medical needs and more. With no rescue interest in her we wanted to get her out of boarding. She so deserves a good life. Our rescue partner, Jennifer Peterson found an amazing place called “Living Free Animal Sanctuary”.

We took Luna up there for a meet and greet, and when they saw how loving and wonderful she was, they took her that day. They find her “very adoptable” and no doubt we’ll be seeing pictures of Luna with her new family before too long. Please check out this great place, Living Free Animal Sanctuary. They adopt out hundreds of dogs and cats saved from kill pounds each year, and have a great program for veterans with PTSD, working with wild Mustangs. It’s a fantastic place to visit, and find your new family member.

Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur

Wiley Miller is a champion rescuer, and rescue supporter. He designed our amazing Tails of Joy signature dog totes and cat totes, for free! They are the best, and have been raising rescue money for us for years. Wiley also donates money to us from some of his most popular strips sold to the public. And now, on October 24th, he gave us another nationwide boost in his comic strip. We can never thank him enough, but here’s one way. If your newspaper has dropped non-sequitur, or doesn’t carry it, can you please send a quick email to the editor, requesting Non Sequitur be carried by your newspaper? What a gift to be able to see Wiley’s strip every single day.

Booko Update

You remember adorable Booko from our last newsletter. We got him ready for his forever home, along with participation from several rescue groups around the country, who all had their hearts touched by this soulful guy. His entropion eye surgery went perfectly. Tails of Joy also paid someone weekly to foster him until he got adopted. And he got adopted, of course!

This is why we do it. Here’s Booko blissed out in his new forever home (blurred faces for privacy). Funny ending: Sonja, a great rescuer featured in our last newsletter and this one, sent us Booko’s new home pictures, letting us know he had been adopted in California. The paid foster, a “rescuer” we thought we knew, was still charging us to foster Booko, saying “I really think I’ll adopt him myself. He just wants to cuddle with me”. He was already in his new home! LOL!! You can never be too careful…


We’re always happy to help our friends at Critter Camp. They undertook a capital building project and needed a finishing push to complete the work. We did that!



Our good friend, (he’s a rescuer at heart and in deed) Rory Murray, found a stray pittie boy in the street; no tags, no chip. After putting up signs and waiting weeks, he decided he could add him to his family, and named him Buddy. We of course paid to neuter and bring Buddy up to date on shots and bought him what he needed for his new home. We are going to start paying for training too. Welcome Buddy!                Buddy being socialized into his new home. 

Tail Waggers Rescue


Our friends at Tail Waggers Rescue work almost exclusively helping homeless people and their dogs. From sleeping bags and blankets, to food, meds, vet care, they are there, in winter in the snow and all year round. We are always happy to help when we have the funds. This month we funded food and meds. We also paid the initial vet bill for beautiful Mia, who will need surgery.

Tri-County Pitbull Rescue

Gloucester, Virginia

Continuing the support you read about in our last newsletter, we again donated to Sonja’s last chance pittie rescue, taking every dog she can from the kill shelters in Virginia. She is indispensable and we are happy to help.

Second Acts Animal Rescue


They do what we do, and we were happy to help them do it:

F. Scott Fitzgerald may have written “There are no second acts in American lives”…but there can be a “Second Act” for the thousands of dogs and cats whose lives end in shelters each year. The lucky ones will avoid euthanasia and be taken in by pet rescue organizations. Second Acts was established to help make that happen. Second Acts distributes 100% of all donations received to small, volunteer-run groups nationwide that adopt a no-kill policy. 

Strangest Angels Animal Rescue

California and Mexico

Our longtime friend and rescue partner Elle Wittelsbach does a fantastic job rescuing and placing homeless animals. We were happy to make several grants to Strangest Angels this quarter. Also, many of our Holiday Gifts also benefit Strangest Angels this year, so shop us first!









Rescue Dogs From Lebanon

From Lebanon to forever homes in Canada

We were delighted to once again help our friend Cynthia Ashkar’s charity, that brings wounded and abandoned dogs from Lebanon to Canada, where they are treated, repaired, and found new homes where they will find love and kindness.




Baja Animal Sanctuary


We are always there to answer the call when Baja Animal Rescue runs short. Once again, we made a “Little Guy Grant” to save the day!








Carson Cats Rescue


This was the plea we received:

“The shelter…they have given us a priority list on who needs out today and this weekend – the first 3 groups listed and pictures below need out TODAY!!  We have gotten zero foster offers but have moved cats around all morning to try and make room at our vets where these sick families can be vetted and isolated for 2 weeks and then go to foster.  We urgently now need at least $2000 to cover their shelter fees, vetting and 2 week boarding.  Please donate any amount TODAY if you can so we can save these guys in time…They have also added one more urgent kitten to the list for a total of 43 cats and kittens needing rescue….”

Of course we made a “Little Guy Grant” to help save the cats and kittens.

Freedom Ride Rescue


We saved Princess, Sky and Remington, who all got adopted quickly. Can you blame them? Beautiful!

Zazzy Cats Rescue


We made a “Little Guy Grant” from our “Edith and Julie’s Spay and Neuter Fund at Tails of Joy” to get these and other little kittens out of the street and into some good care.










Race For the Rescues 2019

Sponsored by Best Friends .   

We made four separate donations to four people walking to raise money for their favorite rescue groups on Race For the Rescues Day!


Strut Your Mutt 2019

Sponsored by Best Friends

We made three donations to different people walking to raise funds for their favorite rescue groups.

Helping Individuals


We did a fair bit of helping pet owners in financial straits pay for care for their animals. We respect their privacy while they get back on their feet.


At-Choo Foundation

California and Mexico

Our longtime rescue friend Elaine Seamens goes to Mexico several times a year, to rescue hopeless dogs with her Mexican rescue partners. She brings flea prevention and medicines, food and supplies, to help get these needy dogs off the streets and into good care. We are happy to support that work.

Gracie’s Twilight Dog Haven


Gracie’s usually rescues animals from high kill shelters at the eleventh hour. This was a special case. Tiffany, a sweet dog, was hit by a car. Her family didn’t have the money to operate on her two broken legs, so Gracie’s stepped in to help fundraise for the surgery, and Tails of Joy made a nice donation.

Tiffany, already walking on her casts for her two broken front legs.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Tails of Joy

A huge thank you to all of our Peeps who made birthday wishes on facebook to raise funds for Tails of Joy. It means more than you can know and we cannot thank you enough. We thank all of you, including John Richard Peterson, Chris Reulbach, Best Pet Photographer Richie Scwhartz, and everyone who helped us save lives by donating their birthday fundraisers to Tails of Joy. By the way, you can help Richie win Best Pet Photographer by voting here once a day for the next month!

Thank you to all our supporters for your ongoing donations and for always being there. We love you.

Did you know that even a small donation to Tails of Joy clears up your skin, grows hair, causes weight loss, and promises eternal happiness? Me neither. But, it really does warm your heart, and help save lives.