Wiley’s Non Sequitur Comic for Tails of Joy


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The great Wiley Miller of Non Sequitur fame has been a longtime supporter of animal rescue and a great booster of Tails of Joy. He is specially offering this cartoon, which is one of his most popular with animal lovers, to benefit Tails of Joy 100%. We have had such great success with his other cartoon which we have been selling for a long time, bringing so much joy to people, that Wiley decided to donate another.

Each one hand printed by Wiley, available in full color or black and white, signed by Wiley however you would like; to you, to your pets, to a friend, or just Wiley’s name, the choice is yours. Dimensions are 8.5” x 14”.

Wiley is donating 100% to Tails of Joy. We are all volunteer so every dollar we take in is used to rescue animals. Thank you.