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When 1999 was about to become 2000, Thomas Mann created these cufflinks to commemorate the year 2000. They are so cool. There is a “2” in the center, surrounded by three concentric circles. They’re very dimensional, the “2”s and the circles are sculpted out away from the base. I cannot tell you how many people compliment Bill when he wears his, not realizing they say “2000”. They just look like great cufflinks. Well, it’s almost 2022, and they can also be read that way! Two twos, with circles around them. Incised TM© on back of each. I bought them for Bill and many relatives and had an extra set, never used, which I saved. Yes, I save things forever.

If you go to Thomas Mann’s website you will see he is a major artist, and everything costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. Also, if you check his sales on ebay, everything is hundreds and or thousands. These are a steal!

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