“BOW-WOW” Dog Slide Charm Bracelet

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Tails of Joy Exclusive Dog Bracelet

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Here’s our brand new bracelet for dog lovers. Our new slide bangle with charms. Highest grade, hypo-allergenic stainless steel in silver. It will look new and perfect forever. We have three charms attached: a spinning charm that says “Bow” on one side and “Wow” on the other. A beautiful dog charm in contrasting gold stainless. And our signature tiny hydrant, which says “Elayne Boosler’s” on one side and “” on the other. Fits the largest to the smallest wrist, guaranteed. Adjust by easily sliding the bracelet bigger or smaller through the two dog bones. Gold and silver colors mean you can wear with all your gold and/or silver jewelry.

We wear them stacked. Looks great with all our other bracelets. You can add charms as you wish, and we have some great ones for sale here.

100% of the purchase price goes to rescuing animals.