“Love and a Dog” Small Tote


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Since the pandemic began, I have stopped using my purses because there is no way to clean them every time I come home from the market or anywhere. I use these smaller totes AS my purse, and it has worked out beautifully. They always start people talking to me in line, which is fun. They are made of Recycled Post Consumer material and Nylon. They are printed on all four sides, cat on back and front and cool stripes on sides. The nylon handles are sturdy and the perfect length. And best of all, I can dump everything out when I come home and wash them inside and out with soap and water as many times as I need to. I have been using one and washing it for months. They are sturdy, strong and adorable.

Material: Post-Consumer Material, Nylon

Dimensions: 8.75″ x 10.25″ x 4.75″ and expandable. Adorable dog art on both sides.

We are all volunteer so 100% of every dollar goes to rescue needy animals. Thank you.