Petey’s Fountain


Petey the boxer was the love of Elayne’s life. Their most wonderful times together were hiking the hills of the Santa Monica mountains, starting out at Coldwater Canyon and Tree People park. They went for miles, and always on the way back, Petey would stop at the same spot and sit down.

They both always had the same thought; this would be a great place for happy hour. After Petey died, Elayne tried to think of a fitting memorial that would also give to others the kind of joy she and her boy had. It hit her in a flash; Petey’s fountain, right there in the dry, dusty, deserted clearing in the mountains.

Elayne went about getting pipes laid from Mulholland Drive down the mountain to feed the fountain, in the bargain making it possible for Tree People to plant and water new groves where there were none before.

In the mountains, she found an old ruined fireplace of natural stone, and had the fountain made from it. She didn’t want the fountain to stand out in the wilderness, rather it should be a magical, pleasant surprise one would suddenly find.

She wanted a happy dedication on the fountain, for all the dogs to come and drink and not be sad. It reads: “The drinks are on me” – Petey Boosler.

“Beautiful girl doggies still leave him thank you notes and photos under rocks left on the fountain. They think he’s still at the park. I know he is.”

Note; No money came out of donations for this fountain.