Late Summer/Autumn 2015 Success Stories

Dear Friends and Lovers of Animals,

Thank you so much for your generosity once again this last quarter. And thank you for your birthday donations to me in August. As always, we want you to see all the good you did in the world by having such kind hearts. We always show you where the money went so that you can see that 100% of everything we take in goes to saving lives. Thank you!

Strut Your Mutt

We made four donations to Peeps walking in “Strut Your Mutt – LA”, to raise funds for local L.A. rescue organizations, including Mutt Match LA and Forte Animal Rescue.

“Thank you for donating to participants in the Best Friends 2015 Strut Your Mutt! Your generous gifts will support work that is helping to end the killing of homeless pets in shelters.”


Noah’s Arks Rescue

Noah’s Arks Rescue, based in Jasper County, South Carolina, is a not for profit organization that supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals. When we saw what this little girl, Carly, had been put through over the course of her life, we were only too eager to help.


“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight”. –Albert Schweitzer

Wisconsin Humane Society

Tails of Joy made a donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society and a matching grant made that worth double! The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society is the largest wildlife hospital in that state, caring for 5,000 animals every year.

Tails of Joy was happy to help Fairy Tails Adoptions with vet bills.

Ohio SPCA – Lucky (Lucy)

Lucky (aka Lucy) was just 8 months old when she was hit by a car and was brought to the Ohio SPCA by good samaritans. She sustained chest trauma, a hip dislocation, and a fractured femur. Her lungs have collapsed twice. The cost of surgery is beyond what the Ohio SPCA could pay, so they reached out for help, and we were there, donating for Lucy’s vet care.


Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society


These six beautiful babies (below) in British Columbia were out of time. Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society pulled them just before they were to be euthanized. In coordinating boarding, transportation, and everything else it would take to get them to safety, OLHARS ran out of funds. They needed someone to step up immediately with the money to get them out of boarding and on their way. Tails of Joy did just that.


Washington Wildfires

Tails of Joy was there to provide financial help in feeding and sheltering animals during the Washington Wildfires.


Welcome Home Barnyard Sanctuary

“Owner Of No-Kill Rescue Killed by Drunk Driver, Animals Left Behind.”

“Dozens of cats and dogs were left without a care provider following the tragic and untimely death of 57-year-old Julie Ann Gatheral, who was killed on September 22 by a drunk driver, in Corpus Christi, Texas.”

This was heartbreaking news. Not only was a wonderful and dedicated woman and rescuer lost, but more than seventy animals were waiting for her return. Tails of Joy made a Little Guy Grant to Welcome Home Barnyard Sanctuary to help them feed the animals left behind, while local rescue groups worked on getting the animals to safe shelter.


Saving Grace and her Furry Friends

Saving Grace and her Furry Friends Rescue was full of newborn puppies. We were happy to make a Little Guy Grant for these, well, little guys.



One on One

The bulk of our giving is to the smallest, neediest rescue groups across the country and beyond. But so many individuals simply don’t have the money to save their animals when unexpected vet bills or surgeries arise, that we have been helping one on one as well. After all, keeping a pet in a home is as good as putting one there. Here are just a few.


Get Your Money Back

So many Facebook and Twitter peeps have been having financial pet emergencies and coming to Tails of Joy for help. We always do what we can, but the first thing we do is this: If you need financial help for your pet, we refund every donation you ever made to us for starters. So in essence, you can use us as your pet savings account. We’ve been here for fourteen years and we will be here if you ever need help for your animal in the future. The more you help others, the more help there will be for your pet if the need ever arises.

Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue Organization

We were happy to donate to Adopt a Homeless Animal, a pitbull-friendly rescue organization. They are selling beautiful holiday cards for a great price. We left the cards for even more people to buy. Maybe you would like to buy some?


Dogs on the Move

Transports #142 and #145

In August, and then again in October, we helped Dogs on the Move transport dozens of leftover, out of time dogs from overcrowded Florida (MDAS) pounds to forever homes in the Midwest through JCHS shelter.


Critter Camp

We were happy to once again be able to help the little residents at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary.

Critter Camp

Ace of Hearts Rescue

Tails of Joy gave a Little Guy Grant to Ace of Hearts Rescue for all the good work they do. We always love helping the seniors, who make the BEST pets.

Ace of Hearts Rescue

Second Hand Animals

Giving birth in the general population of the pound, and being ill to begin with, was not going to end well for Lilith and her eventual puppies, until Second Hand Animals stepped in, and Tails of Joy helped.



West Richland, WA. After Molly was dumped outside and left to die by an uncaring owner, a facebook Peep with a big heart picked Molly up and took her to a vet. She made sure to get Molly the care she needed, and we helped.


Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue

Tails of Joy donated to Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue. They rescue and rehabilitate horses from auctions, from kill buyers, horses that are seized, and horses that owners can no longer care for. They also work to make horse slaughter illegal. The larger the animals, the more money needed to get them healthy and keep them fed.



sca-logoStray Cat Alliance

The Stray Cat Alliance‘s Night at the Stray Cat Club gala was held on October 24th at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

When scheduled host Carrie Ann Inaba had to drop out, Elayne filled in. A great time was had by all, and much money was raised to continue “building a no kill nation one stray at a time”.



Elayne Boosler and Bill Siddons
Elayne Boosler and Bill Siddons

Rescue – A True Story

“Rescue – A True Story” was commissioned by world renowned cellist and Glendale Philharmonic maestro Ruslan Biryukov. Book by Elayne, music by Carol Worthey, it debuted in 2013. We performed it again under the direction of Grant Sevdayan’s Huntington Beach Symphony on June 13, 2016, and at Pierce College on November 5, 2016. It’s a beautiful tribute to all rescued animals, as told through the life of a rescued dog named Annie. It entertains and educates  through gorgeous storytelling and beautiful music.

11027441_10208180583261093_8638481758122122985_n Ruslan


 How You Can Help Us For Free!!

Ralph’s Community Giving

If you live in California, please link your Ralph’s market card to Tails of Joy as your chosen charity, and we get a little piece of your grocery bill from Ralph’s every time you shop. This costs you nothing extra — Ralph’s makes the donation. If you sign up now, you will be enrolled until September, 2016.

Thank You!!

We want to thank everyone who donated this quarter. We can only save animals and make lives better for people and pets with your help. We also want to truly thank our monthly donors, who make it possible for us to plan ahead and keep going. We love you. If everyone signed up for five or ten dollars a month, we’d never have to worry again!

Make a Donation

We have lots of new items coming in for the holidays. Here is a sneak preview of some. Remember, we are all volunteer and spend no money on salaries or perks. 100% of your purchase price, and your donations, is used to rescue animals.

Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much from all the happy wagging tails of joy!

Sneak Peek:




Bone & Love bracelets, handmade.




Silver or gold bone, hand crocheted beaded necklaces.


And lots more to come, mid-November!