Joy! Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2013

Thank you to all our great supporters who, with your donations and your purchases, helped us help so many wonderful, needy animals this quarter. A partial list of those we helped:

Some of these organizations received first time “Little Guy Grants”, some rescues received repeat donations for specific appeals. We also directly paid veterinarians in different states for treatment for needy animals, and for heartworm medications. Sometimes we helped with relocation, and paying transports for getting animals to safe places with room to take them. And sometimes, just networking, taking the time to care, and share photos and available animals on social media, helped some animals find their forever homes. Networking works. We can do it only with your support. Thank you.

Comedy to the RescueOur comedy benefit show for The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor, WA was a big success. Huge thanks to Wendy Liebman and Emo Philips for a great night of comedy and fun.

Thanks to all who came out to support the San Juan Island shelter. You can read a nice article/review of the evening in the San Juan Journal.

We really, really want to thank all of our monthly donors. These donations mean more than you can know. Even $5 a month adds up to lives saved and animals brought to safety. Please know how much your donations mean to us in any amount.

A huge thank you to Trautman Art Glass of Oregon for their generous donation of gorgeous glass beads to Tails of Joy. We look forward to making some special items to sell made out of these, very soon, so please check back.

Barbara Ryan
Barbara Ryan

Our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of our lovely facebook friend, Barbara Ryan. Barbara was a true animal lover, a good friend to all, and shared her wonderful sense of humor with her facebook family, even when times got tough. We will miss her spirit, her heart and her humor. Barbara left a loving, generous gift for Tails of Joy in her will, and her family asked that donations be made to us in her memory. We thank all who donated, to honor Barbara’s life by saving the lives of animals in need (see below). We believe Barbara would have smiled, seeing the sweet lives her kindness saved. What a beautiful legacy.

Celia Aulestia
Celia Aulestia

Sadly, Facebook lost another kind animal lover as well, Celia Aulestia. Our good friend Lisa Harrington, knowing how much Celia loved her rescued Pitties, started a Crowdrise Fundraiser to honor  Celia’s memory and her love for dogs, that benefits Tails of Joy. She will be dearly missed.

A few of the cutie pies/orgs we helped this quarter. Click on any of these thumbnail images to view as a full-size slide show.