2013 Little Guy Grants for January and February

DASH dog rescue, Dallas. Stray Cat Alliance, CA. Mutt Match LA. The Rat Retreat, Idaho. In Ohio: Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue, New Beginnings Animal Shelter, luv4k9s, Sacred Heart Animal Rescue, OLEKA (Ohio Law Enforcement K-9 Association). We also helped many individuals with vet bills, and helped with vet bills and transportation costs for individual rescues.

Please see our Little Guy Grants page for the many rescue organizations we have helped in the past, and often continue to help once they are on that list.

Looking for a pet or a place to donate locally? Check the list.

The Rat Retreat

Tails of Joy is happy to support The Rat Retreat with a 2013 Little Guy Grant. The Rat Retreat, Inc. is a public, non-profit charity which has provided excellent lifetime care for unwanted domestic rats and educates the public. Pet rats are more mistreated than any other pet because of their size.

Rat 1

The body of a rat is small but his soul is as large as yours.

Rat 2