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Elayne's Fun STuff
Elayne’s Fun Stuff

Check out items for sale from Elayne’s personal collections.

Elayne’s Fun Items on eBay

Check out Elayne’s personal auction items now on eBay!

Quilting Muriel
@QuiltingMuriel’s Page!

Hand made, one of a kind, just like Muriel.

Muriel and Marcia
QuiltingMuriel & Her Daughter Marcia Create!

Muriel and Marcia team up to make your pup even more warm and snuggly…

Tails of Joy Signature Totes

These great, funny totes start more conversations than match.com…

Tails of Joy Voter Leashes

Take A Stand When You Take a Walk!
At the end of every leash is a vote.
Dog. Voter. It’s that simple.

Tails of Joy Key Chains
Tails of Joy Key Chains

Even more amazing in your hand…

eBay Giving Works for Tails of Joy

eBay Giving Works

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Wiley Miller
Wiley Miller’s Page On Amazon.com

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