Urgent Action in Maryland Starting January 25th 2014



Everyone who has had the joy of knowing the breed, knows that Pitbulls are inherently wonderful dogs. We strive to ban or overturn BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). In states that have enacted BSL, these family pets (sometimes they are even therapy dogs) are legally seized from their families and loving homes and killed.

In Annapolis, MD, hearings have begun to pass a bill that will take the target off Pitties’ backs. If you live in MD and want to see a bill passed to make it possible for all dogs to be treated equally in this state, please either email or call this representative’s office now:
Email: mike.mcdermott@house.state.md.us.
Call: 410 841 3431.
Please take one minute of action to begin a change in the world for millions of families. Mike McDermott appears to need educating when it comes to understanding Pit Bulls. Please be polite, calm, intelligent and concise for best results. Shorter, information packed emails tend to get read as opposed to long emotional ones.