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Time to Re-Enroll in Ralph’s Community Giving for Tails of Joy 2016

Dear Friends,

Every September begins a new, year-long term for Ralph’s Community Giving. Even if you have enrolled your Ralph’s card already, and chosen us as your designated charity, you must do it again now, starting September, 2015, or we will no longer receive a percentage of your grocery bill. There are over five months left in 2016 and we still need as many enrollments as possible, and you can do it today! This program helps us save hundreds of lives every year, and IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. Ralph’s donates a portion of your bill to us every time you shop, and all you have to do is choose Tails of Joy as your designated charity. Make sure you have a Ralph’s Club card before you begin. The card is free and gets you discounts at Ralph’s and special coupons. You link that number to us as your charity by following these detailed directions. We’ll mail you our best selling signature Tails of Joy dog tag (keychain charm) as a thank you! (Also popular with humans.)

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This provided a very large percentage of our operating budget last year, and we cannot tell you how important it is to saving lives, while costing you nothing. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!

More Markets With eScrip!

CA PEEPS! If you shop at one of these markets & designate Tails of Joy as your chosen charity, they will donate to us all year long and IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. This helped us save lives last year. Wanna save lives for free & get a great gift from us? Just click the link below.


Here is our number to use when you sign up:
Tails of Joy #500044214

These markets will donate to us if you link us to your member account. You sign up with the market to get your member discount card, and use that account number to link Tails of Joy as your charity. If you already have a membership, all you have to do is go online and link Tails of Joy to it.

LIST OF MARKETS with this Link:

Bristol Farms
Valu Plus Food Warehouse,
Planet Organics (home market delivery service),
Top Valu Market
Mar-Val Food Stores
Super A Foods
Mollie Stone’s Markets

Click the link below, then follow the online steps.

Search and select Tails of Joy (ID #500044214)

Input your market loyalty card number to register (use actual card number, NOT phone number)
Review your information.

FREE GIFTS FROM TAILS OF JOY!! For every sign up, we will send you our best selling signature dog tag, also popular with humans. If you get two more people to sign up, we’ll send you a Tails of Joy signature dog tote. Just email us at elayne@tailsofjoy.net after you sign up, include your address, and we will send your gift/gifts. We never sell or share your information with anyone. Thank you!

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