Two Sided Silver Necklace #5


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This unique, two sided charm necklace is perfect for anyone. One side says:

“I’m a bit of heaven”, with a heart, and the other side says: “And what, pray tell, are you?” Charm is 1.25″ x 1″.

The necklace comes on our Tails of Joy signature chain, made of the highest grade stainless to be hypoallergenic and metal pure. It has a little hydrant, which says “Elayne Boosler’s” on one side and “” on the other. Comes in a pretty pouch.

This charm is not like those two dollar coins or charms from China you find at registers as impulse items. These are made here in California by an artist. They are pewter dipped silver, which means they are heavy and thick, substantial, and all you see is the silver. They are purposely “antiqued” and “distressed” to give them an heirloom feel. I only wish I could have captured the shine, which makes them gorgeous in person. There is zero shine in this photo which really takes away from how beautiful this is.

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