Tiny Pouch with Huge Fold Up Shopper – Sky Blue with Cats


The Best Version of a Huge Tote in a Tiny Pouch. Free Shipping.

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We think this is the best “fold up shopper in a pouch” we’ve ever found. The small pouch is only  4.75″ high x 4.50″ wide, with a 1.5″ hanger clip. This clip allows you to clip the tiny pouch inside the big shopper when it’s open, as a separate compartment. You can also keep this handy item clipped to your keys or purse. The shopper opens to a roomy 16″ long plus a 9″ handle drop, x 18″ wide. It holds up to 50 pounds. You can machine wash it cold and tumble dry low. The company that makes it donates to the Ocean Conservancy with your purchase, and of course 100% of your purchase at Tails of Joy is used to rescue animals. The whole thing weighs almost nothing, you can carry it every day and it won’t add weight to your purse, yet you’ll always have an extra tote when you need it.

Fold Up Shopper in Pouch, Sky Blue with Cats. $11.50. Free Shipping.