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Tails of Joy Voter Leash


Sturdy nylon leash. 48” long. 1” wide. Heavy clip. Shipping is $1.85 per leash in the U.S.

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Take a Stand When You Take a Walk

This leash was created in honor of Lennox, a much loved pet put to death by the Belfast City Council despite a two year, worldwide outcry against killing the much loved, innocent companion of a little girl, due only to “how he looked”.

All profits from this leash will be donated to organizations fighting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Currently 36 states and many foreign countries have some type of legislation that bans ownership of certain breeds of dogs, including Shar Peis, pit bulls, American bulldogs, Rottweilers, etc.

We have rescued and placed these wonderful breeds for 16 years. They sleep in my bed. They kiss my face. Part of our mission is to fight BSL here and abroad, to educate people about these great, loving dogs, and to end dog fighting through education and felony prosecutions.

“The crazy ‘dog people’ are here.”

I’ve heard that disparaging remark at every city council meeting, at every shelter hearing, I have ever gone to, both in New York and in Los Angeles. It is muttered by the elected officials who marginalize dog lovers. We lose a day’s pay, or get a babysitter, are made to wait for hours, then always only given two minutes to convince these unyielding bureaucrats to support more humane laws, and a better quality of life with dogs. Two minutes is not enough time to persuade politicians that we need more dog-friendly parks, or that they shouldn’t just kill animals when rescues are willing to take them at our own expense. Two minutes is not enough time to get through to anyone bent on his/her own self interest, unless you appeal to that self interest. That is exactly what the Tails of Joy Voter leash does. I’m not a “crazy dog person”. I’m a citizen, a taxpayer, and something you should consider the next time you are up for re-election: A Voter.

Two minutes is not enough. But if I stand there with this leash, for the entire two minutes I am speaking, my message will be loud and clear: “At the end of every leash is a dog, yes, but also, a vote.” They see only the dogs. It’s time to make them aware of the voters. They walk on our streets and in our parks. Let them see this message minute after minute, hour after hour. “At the end of every leash is a vote.”

Dog. Voter. It’s that simple.

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