Heirloom Quilt: Bunnies, Cats, Flowers


Handmade Just for Us. One-of-a-Kind. Made to Last.

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Our sewing angel, Judy Isaacs, has found a way to beautifully, creatively and charmingly welcome summer. Just for Tails of Joy, she created a line of gorgeous, reversible, lightly quilted, handmade, one-of-a-kind baby quilts, that would be just as perfect for your pet’s bed.  Judy was @QuiltingMuriel’s sewing teacher, that’s how I met Judy, and we can see where all that love and talent came from. Judy’s family has so many cats and dogs, and helps rescue so many more, she is truly our “Sewing Angel”.

We have priced these to sell out quickly. Each one saves two dogs or three cats from a high kill shelter. So watch your little loved one snuggle up and know that you also saved some needy little lives. Thank you.

Sweet Bunnies, Kitties, Flowers. All kinds of flowers, some very busy kitties with yarn, brave bunnies with airplanes, balloons, parachutes, soft colors, and so much more..

Approx 36″ x 39″. 100% Cotton. Cold water wash. Dry on low or hang dry.