St. Francis of Assisi Charm. From Assisi, Italy


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Hand carried back from Assisi, Italy by Elayne, the least religious person you will ever meet. However, where animals are concerned, we’ll take all the help we can get. St. Francis of Assisi is known the world over as the Patron Saint of Animals; caring for, loving and protecting them all. So Elayne brought home these charms so your animals could be protected too. But first, she had them blessed in the church in Assisi to give them even more mojo. Why not?

They are virtually weightless. The front says “S. Francesco” with St. Francis petting a wolf (looks like a dog). The back says “Prega Per Noi” (Pray for Us), and beneath that it says “Italy” with a beautiful flower down the side. Charm is just under 1″ long, jump ring adds 1/8″, x .75″ wide. Jump ring can attach to your pet’s collar or you can wear it on a chain yourself.

Made and bought in Italy, hand carried back by EB, blessed in Assisi’s church, 100% of your purchase is used to save animals – All that for $10. PLUS: The first 20 people who purchase this charm will also receive the beautiful little paper bag from Italy.