Mullanium Designer Meow Cat Pin


Handmade in Pompano Beach, Florida. Free Shipping.

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NOTE: Though the metal on the pin, including the outside circle, the “MEOW” and the inside blue sky, looks matte, that is due to my bad photography. The pin is actually very vibrant, and all the metal elements have a beautiful shine.

Mullanium Jewelry is made by the artist couple, Jim Mullan and Tori Rhoades. Their handmade collection of jewelry is a result of 20 years of collaboration.  Each design is made with a variety of metals, such as silver, brass and copper.  Colors are achieved by oxidizing and hand-painting;  textures by stamping and hand-finishing.  Elements in the jewelry are glass, freshwater pearls, old time pieces and metal elements.

Made using re-purposed and new metal parts and sometimes elements from old time pieces.  Jewelry surfaces are given a patina, painted and perhaps stamped with textures.  All processes are done by hand, and have been refined by artistic experience.  Brass, jewels, silver, yet light as a feather.

Pin for the cat lover. 1.25″ diameter.