Mullanium Designer Cat Earrings


Handmade in Pompano Beach, Florida. Free Shipping.

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Mullanium Jewelry is made by the artist couple, Jim Mullan and Tori Rhoades. Their handmade collection of jewelry is a result of 20 years of collaboration.  Each design is made with a variety of metals, such as silver, brass and copper.  Colors are achieved by oxidizing and hand-painting;  textures by stamping and hand-finishing.  Elements in the jewelry are glass, freshwater pearls, old time pieces and metal elements.

Made using re-purposed and new metal parts and sometimes elements from old time pieces.  Jewelry surfaces are given a patina, painted and perhaps stamped with textures.  All processes are done by hand, and have been refined by artistic experience.  Brass, jewels, silver, yet light as a feather.

Earrings for the cat lover. Almost 2.5″ long from ear to bottom of jewel, .75″ wide.