Mini Yoga Dog Set, Dog Socks, Italy Soap, and….


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This miniature figurine set makes the perfect gift for dog and/or yoga lovers. High quality lead free pewter “Miniature Yoga Dog” set features 3 yoga dog poses. Each sculpture is approx. 1.5″ high. Comes in a beautiful pouch. Made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Plus a big beautiful bar of Marsiglia Neutra 100% Vegetale soap hand carried back from Italy by Elayne. Cleanest  smell and  lasts  a loooonnnnggg time. Soap bar is 3.5″  x  2.5″  x 1.5″.

And Hot Sox for ladies covered  in all the best dogs on black background.

Comes with a beautiful organza pouch covered in  black velvet paw prints.

We are all volunteer so every dollar you spend or donate is used only to rescue animals.