Little Red Riding Hood Hand Made Ceramic 5 Piece Soup Set – Italy


Hand Made in Italy. Price includes $10 towards shipping.

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This is the best thing we bought in Italy. We hand carried it back to L.A. for our animal loving Peeps.

On our walks in Italy this summer, Bill and I discovered a beautiful little store front in the town of Citta Della Pieve. The ceramics in the window were very original and imperfectly beautiful. We learned from the woman inside that she and her husband, both sculptors and artists, created this non- profit in 2012. Everything in it was made by developmentally challenged adults and children. This lovely woman and her husband help the people create art, and then fire the ceramics for them and sell them for the benefit of the participants. It touched us so deeply, we bought a lot of ceramics. We wanted to support this little group, and also, we really really loved what they made!

This is a beautifully creative five piece soup set. It tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Four different bowls nest in a larger plate/bowl which holds them all. I love that you can tell the story as you are ladling out the soup. The largest bowl is decorated like the forest. Then there is a Little Red Riding Hood Bowl, a Grandmother Bowl, A Wolf Bowl, and a Hero Woodsman Bowl. I met the young lady who made this. It meant so much to her to see someone buy it. This beautiful set has very special good karma…

Read all about the Laboratorio Terrarte here. 

Large square plate 9″ square x 1.75″ deep. Bowl in center of square plate is 6″ diameter.

Four smaller bowls 6.5″ diameter x 2.5″ deep each.