Holiday Bling – Fabulous Bunny #30


Necklace $25 + Shipping and beautiful packaging $4

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There’s nothing like bling for the holidays! And we’ve got all the bling dog, cat, and animal lovers will need for a bright and cheery holiday season. Betsey Johnson necklaces to make your holiday shine. Each comes in a beautiful pouch with velvet paw prints, a Tails of Joy card with charm attached, and boxed.

Gorgeous adorable bunny. 26″ chain. White and plum crystals. Black, white, gold and plum enamel. Bunny is 2.5″ high x almost 1.25″ wide at widest.

We are all volunteer so 100% of every dollar is used to rescue animals. Your purchase saves lives. Thank you so much!

Dog: $25.

Shipping and beautiful packaging: $4

Total: $29.