Hand Made One of a Kind Jewelry – “Safe” Keeping Necklace #10


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Elayne Boosler has kept her hands busy during quarantine. She has been a comedian traveling on the road for decades, and for decades she has collected beautiful and unique charms in all sorts of exotic places, hoping some day to have the time to make the jewelry she herself wanted to wear. She loves animals and the sea, so you will find a lot of dogs, mermaids, and divers, plus fun surprises. Every piece she used in the jewelry is from her private collection of charms, jewelry findings, vintage pieces, vintage and rare Cracker Jack charms, and many one of a kind delights. She was/is mentored by the great folk artist Ramona Otto, and many of Elayne’s pieces were inspired by Ramona’s iconic “Watch Dogs”.

What a unique necklace. It’s a little metal “safe” that opens where you can keep little treasures, vitamins, keys, (pot in California!) anything or nothing at all. It has a steam punk industrial feel, with gears, and a vintage metal raised dimensional Poodle charm. It comes on our Tails of Joy 24″ highest grade stainless hypo-allergenic chain with branded hydrant charm. Safe is just over 1.5″ long x 1.5″ across x almost .5″ deep. Each one comes with a little surprise inside!!

All jewelry is guaranteed by us and if anything breaks or if anything is wrong, you can return it and we will fix or replace, at no cost to you. We’ll also pick up the shipping costs both ways. We’re new to jewelry making and just want you to be happy and satisfied. If you don’t like it and just want to return it, please just send it back for a full refund.

We are all volunteer so every dollar you spend or donate here is used 100% to rescue animals. THANKS!