Hand Made One of a Kind Doxie Table Runner


Quilted. Reversible. Made just for us. Free Shipping.

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Our sewing angel Judy Isaacs made this gorgeous, one of a kind, reversible dachshund table runner just for us. Quilted, with a parade of dachshunds, burgundy border inside, black border outside, pointed ends. It has been thinly quilted so dishes, candles, plants, etc. etc. can sit comfortably and safely on it. 52″ long x 19″ wide. It is shown on a 7′ table. Wash cold, air dry flat.

*Color Alert* While the doxie side of the quilted runner is true to color in these photos, the reverse side is showing up much brighter here than it actually is. In person, the beautiful, muted colors lean much more toward a rusty overall hue. They’re deep, subtle and beautiful, not bright and loud.

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