Big Sky Doggie Cookie Jar


Flawless Collectible Perfection. Price includes shipping.

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A great collectible in PERFECT condition. 2002. Big Sky Phyllis Driscoll cookie jar. Never used. Pristine. There is one on ebay  like this for $72 plus $22 shipping ($94) and it’s chipped in two places. Other Big Sky dog cookie jars on ebay range from $50 to $149 with most being in the $75 range and most having chips, flaws, or wear from usage. This is perfect.

Cookie jar is almost 13″ high x 9″ wide x 3.5″ deep. Sturdy, weighty ceramic. Holds a LOT of cookies.

We are all volunteer so 100% of your purchase is used only to rescue needy animals. Thank you.

We usually offer free shipping but due to weight and size it would eat up the purchase price, so we’ll split the shipping cost with you. Cookie Jar: $50. Your half of shipping: $10. Total: $60.