NY Times Gets it Wrong About Rescue -June 30, 2019

Hey Peeps, today’s NY Times had an opinion piece on rescuing dogs and rescue groups, that I found to be ill researched and very objectionable. Here is my online comment on the article. Feel free to comment to the Times online yourselves, or to email a comment to the editor if you read the piece in the paper. Thanks.

All you need to know is that American pounds kill between 5 & 8 million, mostly adoptable, dogs & cats yearly. The rescue groups get there before dawn because many pounds kill the animals that we have tagged to resq, b4 we get there. We go to every city meeting, begging 4 partnership. Some cities work with us. Small resq groups are all volunteer, pay no salaries, are always broke, carry tens of thousands $ in vet bills paying slowly over years. We get nothing from gov’t, & will spend $1000s to get a dog healthy & adoptable, then charge a few hundred $ fee. That fee covers almost nothing, but insures the adopter has a stake. In my 20 yrs rescuing 1000s of animals, rarely have I seen a dog or cat not adjust. Dogs from the middle east come in with 3 legs & bullet holes, & love you in a day. They know you saved them. LA shelters are kill factories, due to backyard pitbull breeders who keep them full. Our tiny spay/neuter law here was crushed by the AKC, who, like the NRA, considers any restrictions at all a “slippery slope”. You have no idea what tiny groups like ours go through to save lives, where no one gets paid, where we watch them die b4 we can bail them out. If you want to help save animals, donate to your small, local volunteer rescue groups, not the bloated HSUS which operates no shelters, pays millions in salaries, expenses, perks, & uses your donation to send you keychains all year long. No reputable group ships sick dogs. Elayne Boosler, President, Tails of Joy