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Quilting Muriel & Judy Isaacs

Muriel and Judy (and Muriel’s little boy, Tiger) sewing and quilting up a storm for Tails of Joy, so we can help animals.

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Quilting Muriel is a 95 years young New York quilter, animal lover, and Twitter darling.


Muriel has created many one of a kind, hand made pieces exclusively for her good friend Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy.

Through her membership in a non-profit quilting guild, Muriel made countless quilts for returning vets at veterans’ hospitals, and foundling and childrens’ hospitals.

Read more about Muriel on BuzzFeed:

The Best Person On Twitter Is A 95-Year-Old Quilter

Muriel is featured in the February 2014 issue of Real Simple Magazine!

“To see my name in print at 95 years old, and it’s not my obituary, well, that’s a great day.” – Muriel.

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Meet Judy Isaacs, Muriel’s Longtime Friend & Tails of Joy’s Newest Angel

Judy and Muriel have been the best of friends forever.

Judy teaches quilting and sewing in NYC, and Muriel still attends Judy’s Thursday class. When Muriel told Judy about Tails of Joy, Judy told Muriel about her lifetime of rescuing dogs and cats (currently over ten at home).

Judy has paid out of pocket for years, to spay/neuter/save feral neighborhood cats, as well as helping every needy animal she and her family have come across. And now, hundreds more animals will be saved thanks to Judy’s amazing talent, kind heart and generosity, and incredible donation of her work to Tails of Joy.

Quilting Muriel’s & Sewing Judy’s Fabulous Goodies for Tails of Joy

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Muriel has done it again – Fabulous New Lavender Sachets!

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Muriel’s Gallery

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