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Muriel’s House! Purse.


Vintage HandMade Knitted House Purse. Free Shipping.

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Product Description

From Muriel’s collection, a handmade, knitted and embroidered, vintage handbag that’s in the shape of a house. With a 1940’s vintage Bakelite handle. It’s a conversation starter wherever it goes, and it’s in excellent shape. Wool outside, felt inside. Metal charm closure, four metal tips on bottom.

9″ high, 11″ high with handle. 9″ across. 5″ wide back to front on bottom, top expands to 7″ back to front. When purse is open and roof up, purse is 5.5″ high for you to fill.

Muriel is going to add a special surprise gift inside for the lucky buyer, but she won’t tell me what it is!

$35 Includes Shipping (large package, so shipping at least $6 or $7.) This will help us buy a dog or cat out of a kill shelter. Thank you.

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